Dear OMP Editors, Trackers and Users!

The Open Maps Board of Trustees has reviewed the (OMP) project seven-year history and development. Managed a wide range of popular output during this long time to prepare, but unfortunately the data collection and drawing with regard attractions failed to achieve a breakthrough.

By analyzing the position of the European community mapping can be seen that in terms of map database the fastest developing is the (OSM) database that anyone can be used freely under license ODbL. Recognizing this, the Board has decided that the map database will replace to's database and the outputs will be provided on the basis of this data.

Existing data of the OMP is not wasted on the basis of the Board's decision is they are also under ODbL license (with the exception of Hungary, which is governed license). This will allow the OMP data tracing to the OSM database. This will require significant help to the OSM editing programs (JOSM) set as a background map of the OMP. For setup and drawing our forums happy to assist you!

The proposed timetable for the transition is as follows:

  1. Now we removed in the OMP mapping the draw lock option (already locked areas can be uploaded) and track upload opportunity. We ask everyone to upload theirs tracks to OSM and and start to get acquainted with the drawing rules, tools. It's all part of learning needs, we hope to quickly recoup the time invested by the better maps!

  2. We start develop the OSM database conversion tool which will allowing to making the existing outputs will work as before. In the interim period, the maps only the recent data coming from will appear as new. It is expected to be at least one month.

  3. Once finished this conversion means changing our database converted from OSM. From there in our outputs the OSM data will be displayed. At the same time, unfortunately, we can not use the import from both technical and licensing reasons. We would like to thank for their cooperation so far!

  4. From this time will restored back to normal and regular update periods the new maps and they have contain more data.

We hope the changeover can offer better and more developing maps and a new impetus in the mapping community!

Any questions, ideas, offering help is welcome in our forum!

The OpenMaps Board of Trustees
June 23rd 2014.