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land contours
Garmin "layerness"
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Central EuropeVie Mariae mapimg (garmin)BaseCamp, Garmin firmwares, MapSourceGarmin firmwares, WindowsGarmin GPS, PCyesyesyes



Garmin map of The Way of Mary is a vector-based, offline product with special TYP visualization. These maps include highlighted lines of The Way of Mary, hiking symbols, DEM (Digital elevation model) datas, routing information and land contours.

Garmin maps are handled by programs and applications listed below:

Garmin GPS
(Windows/Mac): BaseCamp
Windows: MapSource
Windows Phone: Trailmap


The map is updated monthly basis.


After downloading and running setup file, these maps will be installed for BaseCamp/Mapsource programs on your PC. BaseCamp/Mapsource softwares are able to display these maps as well as sending them to GPS devices.
Setup is automatic, no special instructions required.
Before starting installation, BaseCamp/Mapsource programs must be quit.