Help Us!

The main idea of this project is that everyone is free to use the maps found on this site. But maps cannot exist if you don't help in exchange for. This way you wouldn't be interested in downloading maps if they are not (or less) usable but they can be usable only if you help us. So we need YOU!!!

There are levels of participating in this project:

  • Donation

    Donate our Project via PayPal:

    €5 other amount
  • helping to create the background tools and processes

    There are many-many things we have to do to create the background infrastructure. These things are currently testing-related stuffs, you can participate if you are a very experienced computer-user or a programmer with good geometrical knowledge, you're very patient and you have a lot of free time.
If you are interested in recording and sharing tracklogs please read the Recording Tracklogs menu below carefully! If you would like to help in any other way then contact us on forums.