Garmin Manager

  • What is Garmin Manager?

    OMP Garmin Manager (OMP GM) is a .NET based windows software that allows you to install, update or remove OpenMaps Garmin format products. Features:

    • installs map products under MapSource without the need of manual downloads.
    • updates map files online. It downloads only the necessary (changed) files.
    • controls typ support. You can choose between languages or you can turn off the displaying of customized colors and patterns.
    • removes products if you no longer need them.
    • can operate minimized as a tray application. When minimized it checks for new map products automatically and periodically and notifies you when there are updates.
    • can autostart itself in minimized state.
    • can update itself if a newer version is available.

  • How to install and run?

    In order to run OMP GM you need the Microsoft .NET Framework be installed on your computer. Use at least the 3.5 version of .NET. You can download it from Microsoft download page, If this link is not accessible search for the ".NET Framework" text on Don't worry about .NET Fw, it is free and legal. And it is only a bunch of files and won't slow down or hurt other way your computer.
    Once you installed .NET Fw, you are able to run Garmin Manager. It has no need to install just download the zip file from the link above and place its contents to your favorite directory, for example to c:\program files. Double click on GarminManager.exe file or use any file manager software to run this exe, or create a shortcut on your desktop, etc.
    If you used Windows 7 or later the User Account Control (UAC) will ask if you allow Garmin Manager to run or not. Please allow it. Another solution may be running Garmin Manager as Administrator.

  • How to use?

    OMP GM is a "dumb" software, it gets all the necessary information from an update server, therefore you can use it with full functionality with on-line internet access only. But it has a minimal built-in information about TYPs and even if you don't have internet acces you are able to switch on/off the TYP customisation.
    First suppose, you have direct internet access. If you haven't already installed all the OMP Garmin products the "View and setup not installed products" button is available. Press it, select the products you want to install and press "Install selected products" button. This will place the appropriate registry entries to make MapSource be able to see these products. Warning! After installing new products you need to do the update by pressing the "Download updates" button. Without it MapSource may crash!
    Once you have installed products you can see them and their status in the checkbox list. OMP GM is now able to download the necessary files. If everything is up to date the "Download updates" button is grayed. Otherwise press it and wait the files to be downloaded.
    You may need to press "Check for products" button if OMP GM runs for a long time and you want to check wether new files are available or not.
    With "Remove" button you can delete the appropriate entries from registry. "Remove selected product" deletes the entries belong to all the selected products. "Remove unknown products" removes the unknown or discontinued product entries, if there are any. None of the Remove function delete file(s).
    "Control typ support" dropdown allows you to turn on or off the typ customisation. This feature does nothing with files it deals only with registry entries. That means:
    - no typ support control available before you downloaded the typ files by pressing "Download updates"
    - no files will be deleted with turning typ support off
    "Send to tray" button hides the main window and switches on the autocheck mode. If OMP GM is autostarted by Startup folder it goes into the minimized state as well. In this mode OMP GM perodically checks for new map files and brings up a notify window if found. At this point you can choose to unhide the main window or instruct OMP GM to dowload and install the new files without more interaction.
    OMP GM automatically checks for own program updates on startup. When new version is available it asks you wether to update itself or not. It is important that you have to have write access to the directory where the exe file of OMP GM is stored.
    When your computer is not able to connect to internet OMP GM goes into "TYP switch mode only" (it does not happen from autostart mode). In switch mode you will see a small and simple window with a dropdown menu and an exit button only. As you change the dropdown's selected item OMP GM changes the appropriate registry entry. Be warned: in case of change of the constellation of OMP map files and registry entries it is possible that in offline mode an old OMP GM writes incorrect registry entries and it may lead to undefined behaviour of MapSource software.

  • Will be available a "native", .NET-less version?

    No. .NET is a powerful development tool and extremely shortens the time of developing softwares. We do not have enough time to write the same software in pure c++, for example.