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(41837) KiVi
 2017-11-04 10:20:30

Unfortunately there is no error with german map, we process only a small souther part of the country. We haven't enough resources for bigger area.

Thanks for your remark, the osmand path was changed.
In reply to (41828) gery 2017-10-27 14:29:31
(41828) gery
 2017-10-27 14:29:31
OsmAnd map questions:
Your OsmAnd map files look a good deal smaller in size than others, which is nice.
Do you have any info which details were excluded to achieve this? Is it same for all maps or different per country?

I tried your Germany map 'germany_osmand_2.zip' from 2017.10.25. It contains 3 files and I copied all on my phone.
However, the map displays only for the southern part of Germany (try e.g. city Regensburg). It does not work for other parts. E.g., I tried Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Bonn and none of them works.
I suspect only 1 of the 3 files is good and the others 'broken' in some way.
Can you please check?

I think your Installing instructions at the bottom of page http://openmaps.eu/osmanddownload should be corrected as follows:
  2. Copy the content of the downloaded zip file to the following folder: <SDCard>/Android/data/net.osmand/files
(For example, the map of Hungary sits this way: <SDCard>/Android/data/net.osmand/files/Hungary_openmaps_eu_europe_2.obf)

Thanks & regards