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(27530) public
Reply 2011-07-15 23:02:05
OK, thats a real pity. But thanks for your project anyway.
frank verdin
In reply to (26127) austrian_fuzzy 2011-04-11 10:43:29
(26316) Trackman
Reply 2011-04-30 10:53:08
Maps do not contain sufficient elevation information to display 3d view
We gave the 2D - 3D names to our products before 3D view capable devices have become available. By now the 2D - 3D terms are misleading: the two product type differs only in that 3D has land contour lines and the other not.
In reply to (26313) xFerdinandx 2011-04-30 08:17:50
(26314) peter68
Reply 2011-04-30 10:08:32
The situation is opposite.
We got all of Hungarian datas from turistautak.hu.
I'm sorry, it is our failure, we don't sign this in the Hungarian download page. :-(
In reply to (26313) xFerdinandx 2011-04-30 08:17:50
(26313) xFerdinandx
Reply 2011-04-30 08:17:50
I think it not an real error only a information/message.

When I click in my Garmin (Oregon 450t) the “3DView” this massage appears:
“Maps do not contain sufficient elevation information to display 3d view”

But another question:

On this site you can download a map and it is the SAME like yours but they don’t hit it that there map is based on yours.


The only different is that that edit the Typ File and highlight hiking trails (like P+) and that added more contour lines.

Do you know about it?
(26293) kecskesrobi
Reply 2011-04-27 11:25:40

is a error something with to low contour line information’s or some think like that.

So, is there an 'error'? Or only the lack of DEM is the problem?
If you get an error, please copy it somehow. Or there is a problem in the map, please give us the cordinates and we will check the mentioned area.
In reply to (26290) xFerdinandx 2011-04-26 20:22:20
(26292) kukacka
Reply 2011-04-26 23:06:48
Unfortunately the "3D" only means, it has land contour lines, but no real DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data to display it in 3D view. The "3D" it's only a differentiation from "2D" version which has no land contour lines. Sorry for misleading name.
In reply to (26290) xFerdinandx 2011-04-26 20:22:20
(26290) xFerdinandx
Reply 2011-04-26 20:22:20

First of all I will say very good job Team this map is amazing good.

But now my question:

I have got a Garmin Oregon 450t and I use your Hungary 3D map but when I try to use the 3D Mode on my Garmin there is a error something with to low contour line information’s or some think like that.

After this I try the Map on Base Camp in the 3D Mode and the same error.

But why I can not use your 3D Hungary map for the 3D mode ????

(26168) kecskesrobi
Reply 2011-04-14 09:01:01
A few years ago I was looking for tracks in the Dolomites, and in that time I bumped into this site:
In reply to (26127) austrian_fuzzy 2011-04-11 10:43:29
(26127) austrian_fuzzy
Reply 2011-04-11 10:43:29
Thanks for the interesting reply. I was looking for sites to find especially beautiful cycling and hiking tracks.
Now I realize that this is the wrong side for this purpose.
But I will upload from now on the self-created tracks to help with your concept.
In reply to (26126) Trackman 2011-04-10 23:22:48
(26126) Trackman
Reply 2011-04-10 23:22:48
Dear austrian_fuzzy,
it isn't an aim to share the uploaded tracks among the users of this site. Tracks are not 'confidental' so it is not impossible to share them, but...
The tracks are used by map editors to draw new roads and to increase accuracy of existing roads. In our opinion there's no any reason to use raw tracks for an ordinary user. The downloadable maps in various formats are out for our visitors. Why would you like to use raw tracks instead of maps?
In reply to (26115) austrian_fuzzy 2011-04-09 20:15:27
(26115) austrian_fuzzy
Reply 2011-04-09 20:15:27
I want to make a suggestion for this great site.

Would it be possible to add a link to the tracks?
I find tracks only by emails to the category subscription and articles in the forums.
It would also be recommended when adding new tracks, to fill it in a form, containing:
1. In which country is the track?
2. In what region?
3. The length of the track.
4. What is the nature of the track, cycling, hiking, canoeing, or car, etc.
5. Is it a circuit or an one way track?
6. A description of the track (if possible)
7. Is the start and end points of the track reachable by public transport? What kind, railway, bus, number of the line?
Ultimately, the tracks should be searched and found exactly according to these criteria.
Probably hundreds of tracks have been uploaded here, but it is impossible to find them.
Many members spend much time and love to the tracks and their work should also be appreciated.
Now I hope nobody is offended by these comments.

(25833) X_roast
Reply 2011-03-14 08:14:20
Hi, I recommend to continue this discussion in the Romanian part of the forum http://openmaps.eu/node/3219
In reply to (25827) andreinico 2011-03-13 18:31:15
(25827) andreinico
Reply 2011-03-13 18:31:15
Hello! Sorry if this was posted before. I am using your map for a while to navigate in the mountains in Romania. The contour lines are great, giving real good hints for orientation and are a huge help in understanding local topography in the field. However, the roads, tracks and paths are better in Openstreetmap. Since both maps are free and both are great, but at different things, couldn't a hybrid be made?
I just realized that there is a layered version and I can use the different elements from there.
Later edit: The SRTM is present only for 4 tiles for Romania, is that a bug?
Thank you and I hope my questions weren't out of line.
You have created something truly great. I also appreciate that the map isn't clogged with useless POI's like other expensive proprietary maps, that hinder trail gps functionality.
I also want to ask: If i gather a series of hiking trails stored on the website alpinet.org, which is a great site for Romanian mountain goers are they ok to be used by you? they are all recorded by individuals with their own units, no funny stuff and I have tested some of them myself.
(25791) austrian_fuzzy
Reply 2011-03-09 17:02:57
Hallo Holger, auch ich bin blutiger Anfanger. Vielleicht wäre es daher recht hilfreich, sich fruchtbar auszutauschen, Ich bitte daher um Kontaktaufnahme: Erwin.Drexler@Naturfreunde.at
In reply to (25790) Holger 2011-03-09 16:32:03
(25790) Holger
Reply 2011-03-09 16:32:03
selbstverständlich mache ich Werbung, keine Frage. Aber als absoluter Anfänger kann ich zur Verbesserung noch nicht viel beitragen.

viele Grüße,
In reply to (25633) kecskesrobi 2011-03-07 07:55:12
(25633) kecskesrobi
Reply 2011-03-07 07:55:12
ein bisschen Werbung ist immer gut, nicht wahr?

Ansonsten sind wir jede Initiative, dass die Verwendung Karte zufrieden.
In reply to (25622) austrian_fuzzy 2011-03-06 17:51:23
(25622) austrian_fuzzy
Reply 2011-03-06 17:51:23
Hallo Robert & Holger, es war sehr interessant eure Konversation zu verfolgen. Ich hoffe ich kann Nutzen daraus ziehen.
Ich führe eine Radtourenwoche in der Zips und eine Wanderwoche in der Mala Fatra und werde diese Hilfe gu brauchen können.
Auch für eine Radwoche in Békés/HU werden die Tipps sehr nützlich sein.
Liebe Grüße, Erwin
(25618) Holger
Reply 2011-03-06 13:49:24
I tested it, it's so wonderful.
I could start walking immediately.
many, many, many thanks.

a beautiful Sunday
In reply to (25617) peter68 2011-03-06 12:37:00
(25617) peter68
Reply 2011-03-06 12:37:00

Please try to use our Layered Garmin map.
This map contains several combinations of the different map layer.
Some of these contains the coloured tuorist symbols on the roads.

In reply to (25616) Holger 2011-03-06 12:35:51
(25616) Holger
Reply 2011-03-06 12:35:51
Hallo Robert,

ich habe diese Karte: Slovakia Plain map installer (SK-2D) Garmin 9 MB 2011.03.05. 12:25 3340
versucht. Inzwischen habe ich auch die Wanderwege mit drauf (Installationsfehler).
Die Wegbezeichnung ist jetzt als Text (G/Y), http://img593.imageshack.us/i/karter.png/ vorhanden
auf den Screenshots sind die originalen Markierungen als Farbzeichen http://img42.imageshack.us/i/klastorisko.gif/. Die hätte ich gern.


my Device is a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx. The map is shown above the going should

vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe
Thank you for your help

(25611) kecskesrobi
Reply 2011-03-05 21:11:08
Lieber Holger

Könnten Sie Ihre Frage noch einmal auf Deutsch?
Bitte geben Sie mir den Namen dieses Landkarte Produkt, das Sie von unserer Internet runtergeladen.
In reply to (25608) Holger 2011-03-05 20:12:07
(25610) peter68
Reply 2011-03-05 20:37:20
Hello Holger,

Please tell me, what kind of maps did you download?
Garmin, Navitel, Magellan?

In reply to (25608) Holger 2011-03-05 20:12:07
(25608) Holger
Reply 2011-03-05 20:12:07
Hello together,
my English is very bad, i try it but.
Super, very good Maps here. I am interest for the Maps from Slovakia. The download Maps i found all without Hiking Trails. Where i download Maps from Slovakia with the Hiking Trails how Pic on the right Side from this Side?

Thanks and best Regards,
(25272) pgyp
Reply 2011-01-29 04:14:44
Please run this .reg file before you install Mapsource.
In reply to (25271) beerm 2011-01-29 03:37:23
(25271) beerm
Reply 2011-01-29 03:37:23
I do not have the CD for installing MAPSOURCE from Garmin. I downloaded the latest one but always get the messagen (when I want to install it) "...not found...setup close...". Can you advice how I can get the MAPSOURCE without CD. Thank you very much
(25158) beerm
Reply 2011-01-22 23:39:51
Thanks a lot. Will try as suggested and come back, if problem.
(25151) X_roast
Reply 2011-01-22 16:08:20
What you need to do/ to have:
1-Pc with MS Windows
2-Install Garmin MapSource (it comes along on a CD with the Nuvi)
3-Instal the map downloaded from this page: http://openmaps.eu/downloads/central_europe (for example http://openmaps.eu/rdl.php?id=OMP-3Df-exe)
4-start MapSource and select the map (in the uper left corner of mapsource)
5-now you should see the Map you downloaded
6-Connect the Nuvi to the PC and make shore that the driver is installed for it (in map source go to menu: Transfer-> Receive from device. There you should see the Nuvi. If nothing appears that there is some problem with the connection or the driver. If it appears than it is OK, close that window)
7-Back in the MapSporce go to menu Tools->Map. Using that tool select the peaces of the map you want to load on the Nuvi. As you you select them they should appear in the left side in the Maps list.
8-Go to Transfer-> Send to device. Check the Maps Check box, make shore the Nuvi is selected as the Device and click Send.
9-go drink a beer, and when you return it should be done.

If you don't manage to do it, tell mi at witch point do you have the problem.
In reply to (25146) beerm 2011-01-22 11:52:29
(25146) beerm
Reply 2011-01-22 11:52:29
I do not speak your language therefore I do not know where to post my question.
I am sorry, but I only speak English and German. Can anybody tell me: I downloaded the maps for Europe (Garmin). How do I install them on my Garmin nuvi 710? Thanks a lot
(24894) Trackman
Reply 2010-12-17 21:21:33
Hi, we're mostly hungarian and the daily communication is in our native language - but is's just because only a few 'foreign' map editors are working with us currently. If we had more non-hungarian members we would communicate in english much more frequently.
Yes, you're right, .eu suggest our intention to be european - firstly mid-european because of resource limitations, but of course no european country is 'banned out' on principle.
Could you help us in any way you may have read under the 'Help us' menu?
Or if you had any suggestions for how to be more internationalized please share with us.
In reply to (24888) SiemEik 2010-12-17 16:12:40
(24888) SiemEik
Reply 2010-12-17 16:12:40
Why isn't this an international project? What language are you speaking?
It started so promising: www.openmaps.eu - sounds something european, but if you all communicate in a local language I think we're on the wrong track here.

Come on, let's think international!!!

Best regards,

PS my local language is dutch.
(23134) pgyp
Reply 2010-05-27 07:21:17
Please run Mapsource_fix, I think it will be solve your problem:
In reply to (23132) dandjlaird 2010-05-26 23:34:20
(23132) dandjlaird
Reply 2010-05-26 23:34:20

Apologies if I am in the wrong place to ask this question - hope for help.

I downloaded maps for the Dalmatia area recently, but seem to have got a corrupted file somehow and now Mapsource will not open, giving an error message as follows:

"There is a problem with the Openmaps installation. Please re-install Openmaps and start Mapsource again."

I have uninstalled the maps, but still there is the problem, which suggests that there is a registry element remaining that should be removed. Can you alert me to which registry components relate to Openmaps and their connect to Mapsource?

Thanks for any advice.
(20353) kepenu
Reply 2009-12-11 10:12:20
Thank you. I think I will get by.
In reply to (20349) ts 2009-12-11 07:07:46
(20349) ts
Reply 2009-12-11 07:07:46
This is because we have all our files split into several *.txt files (basically, the are in *.mp format) with POIs kept separately in *.pnt files (enhanced Ozi PNT format). There are separate files for roads, tram lines, topographic features and so on, and they are grouped in regions, called UMP-something, which in turn get compiled to separate maps forming a set.

There are several tools in the "narzedzia" subdirectory which manipulate these files to montage them into a file editable by mapedit, but if you just get the "header.txt" from "narzedzia" and then merge it with all the *.txt files from any UMP-something/src/*.txt directory, you should be able to load it to mapedit for a preview. For example:

Under UNIX: cat narzedzia/header.txt UMP-Zamosc/src/*.txt > sample.mp
Under MS-Windows: type narzedzia\header.txt UMP-Zamosc\src\*.txt > sample.mp

Note however, that our final version has a lot of other features, which are added at the preprocessing stage of the actual map compilation - such as routing, routing restrictions, country/region information and of course the POIs.
In reply to (20336) kepenu 2009-12-10 21:55:10
(20347) jacek
Reply 2009-12-11 00:00:21
Look at all those txt files in src directory - after merging (and a bit of preprocessing) they form .mp file.
In reply to (20336) kepenu 2009-12-10 21:55:10
(20336) kepenu
Reply 2009-12-10 21:55:10
3) I'm not sure that I have enough time to learn this CVS thing from zero :-(
There is only one .mp file in your pack: dzielnice.mp
Any further help?
In reply to (20325) jacek 2009-12-10 19:14:42
(20325) jacek
Reply 2009-12-10 19:14:42
1) Sources are just plain text files. cvs tracks changes, keeps logs, allows to revert to a given version etc.
3) There is a windows client too (wincvs - screenshots on wiki). ;-) Mail sent.
In reply to (20324) kepenu 2009-12-10 18:27:48
(20324) kepenu
Reply 2009-12-10 18:27:48
1) So your datas are in one database?
2) OK, we also will try to respect those points
3) Huh! Can you send me a .mp sample somehow? Only one region. You can email me to gmail.com. I'm kepenu there too ;-)
In reply to (20323) jacek 2009-12-10 17:31:27
(20323) jacek
Reply 2009-12-10 17:31:27
1) Both. Road project is getting richer and richer every now and then but we try to keep some kind of data in Topo version only (like trails). There is a set of common data and some files included in topo compilation only.
2) We synchronize border crossing points with CNE.
3) Sources are kept in public cvs repository. There is a downloading instruction on project wiki, but... you will see ;-)
(try cvs -z5 -d:pserver:guest@ump.waw.pl/home/cvsroot checkout all to download all sources; Poland is splitted to many regions). POIs are kept in (enhanced) pnt format and converted to mp during compilation.
UMP-radary are safety cameras (to be loaded by poiloader)
There is also short overview in English and (even shorter) in Czech.
In reply to (20321) kepenu 2009-12-10 16:27:00
(20321) kepenu
Reply 2009-12-10 16:27:00
Hi Jacek,

We tried to get in connection with some members of your project but unfortunately there was no answer. Fellow Popey tried to help us, without any luck.

Let me have some questions:
1) What is the main goal of your project? Mapping for cars or outdoor hobbies or both? Will you keep Road and Topo projects separated?
2) Is there a chance to synchronize Polish border and border crossing points with our Czech and Slovak objects of the same kind?
3) Can you see any option for getting draft, Polish format files of your project? For investigating possibilities of converting a copy of your map to our output formats.
In reply to (20312) jacek 2009-12-10 12:16:59
(20312) jacek
Reply 2009-12-10 12:16:59

I have just visited your site and I'm impressed.
In Poland we have very similar project - free map for gps receivers (mainly Garmin). We have very good coverage of Poland (with routing), but some members of our team work actively on other European countries.
Of course we will never get your quality of Hungary (and not only Hungary).
Unfortunately, I can hardly say we have English version of our site.
Feel free to visit online version of our map, or our download page.
Short legend:
Map ready to load to garmin receivers: (B3) GMAPSUPP.IMG EU NI
Installer for MapSource: (A) program instalacyjny do MapSource
Zip file with compiled map regions: (D2) wersja NI - Europa
Compiled map with more topographic data (Poland only): (B6) plik GMAPSUPP.IMG topo

Our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
(18674) KiVi
Reply 2009-10-02 15:37:06
Now it is working! ;)
In reply to (18383) Trackman 2009-09-19 20:44:37
(18383) Trackman
Reply 2009-09-19 20:44:37
Hi Philipp, we're working on it, please check back one or two week later. Thanks in advance.
In reply to (18382) philifrog 2009-09-19 20:11:25
(18382) philifrog
Reply 2009-09-19 20:11:25
hi folks,

your maps where really of big help to me when i travelled through rumania the last two weeks. i couldn´t find a link on your homepage how i can donate something to you?

(18300) Trackman
Reply 2009-09-15 15:41:53
Thanks, I'll drop them an email.
In reply to (18293) Andrei 2009-09-13 21:50:33
(18293) Andrei
Reply 2009-09-13 21:50:33
Do you know names/emails?

Moldovan map - moldova.gps.map{a}realitpro.com
Ukranian map - vadim.o{a}travelgps.com.ua or ipaqod{a}nm.ru

{a} = @
In reply to (18284) Trackman 2009-09-12 20:56:26
(18288) hedgehog
Reply 2009-09-13 13:29:02
OK, thats a real pity. But thanks for your project anyway.
In reply to (18287) Trackman 2009-09-13 12:57:51
(18287) Trackman
Reply 2009-09-13 12:57:51
Hi, Germany isn't among our short term plans. Why?
- Germany is big (much data) and we dont' have too much hw resource
- We don't have data from area of Germany (except public datas: srtm and clc)
- Germany is relative far from Hungary and we don't know how much our project is known over there. Integrating G. in our maps may be a blind alley at his moment because of the possibility of lack of tracks senders and map editors.
Anyway, if a lot of enthusiast german tracker apply for sending tracks we'll reconsider integrating G.
In reply to (18286) hedgehog 2009-09-13 11:32:21
(18286) hedgehog
Reply 2009-09-13 11:32:21
I just wanted to know if creating a German map for Navitel is on your agenda. I successfully converted some from Garmin img format to nm2 but they are all not routable (for instance from here http://openmtbmap.org/download/).
(18284) Trackman
Reply 2009-09-12 20:56:26
they do not release their map in mp
That's why we need to contact the authors/owners directly. Do you know names/emails?

But i don't think we'll be successfull cause i've found this text on a google-translated forum:

Our project is free, but not open source, and anyone, under any conditions, the source will not be issued! Never! Exactly! Not ever! We will circulate a card for free, but only in the format nm2!
In reply to (18276) Andrei 2009-09-11 06:17:13

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