Download elevation data

Downloadable Digital Elevation Models (DEM), to our maps.

You can use
Locus Maps Pro: offline hillshade
OruxMaps: offline hillshade and 3D map view

Description of settings on the "Mapsforge rendertheme" page.

These elevation data files originated from:

Austria_DEM.zip37.55 MB
Bulgaria_DEM.zip31.46 MB
Croatia_DEM.zip17.37 MB
CzehRepublic_DEM.zip20.42 MB
Germany_DEM.zip21.87 MB
Hungary_DEM.zip23.64 MB
Italy_DEM.zip18.9 MB
Liechtenstein_DEM.zip1.51 MB
Montenegro_DEM.zip11.39 MB
Poland_DEM.zip3.25 MB
Romania_DEM.zip58.39 MB
Serbia_DEM.zip22.9 MB
Slovakia_DEM.zip20.76 MB
Slovenia_DEM.zip10.6 MB
Switzerland_DEM.zip5.73 MB
Ukraine_DEM.zip23.95 MB