Using maps in Garmin environment

For use with Garmin GPS devices please download the installer files that will install the appropriate map files on your computer under the Mapsource application. This program facilitates both viewing maps on-screen as well as uploading them on your GPS device. The installation is fully automated, no further guidance is required. Before starting the installer please exit the Mapsource application, because Mapsource should be closed while installing maps!

Note about the "Central-Europe" garmin installer: this map is usable only if all the countries/regions have been installed before! The files in this installer package just clamp the separately viewable maps into one view.
Important! If the Central-Europe map is installed and you are updating one of the regions/countries then you have to update all the other maps refreshed meantime on this site and the Central-Europe installer itself. Avoiding the additional update steps MapSource will mishandle the map files and you'll see confused map data.

(The Mapsource application is normally provided on the accompanying CD of most Garmin GPS receivers; if missing you can download it from the following link:

After installing a map set you can see the link to the map of the installed country in the map select list of the toolbar of the Mapsource program.
After proper installation, Mapsource will have a reference to the newly available country or region map on the map selection list in the tools palette. It is recommended to install the TYP package after having installed the maps. This will improve the appearance of maps both under Mapsource and on the display of your handheld device.
We have made an effort to compile the symbol set for the TYP package in a way that is closest to symbols used on paper maps and so facilitate symbol recognition for paper-map users.

Using maps in Russa and Navitel environments

Both Russa and Navitel look for maps in one of the folders on the PDA.
The downloaded .rus (Russa) and .ntm (Navitel) files should be copied over into any folder on the PDA. In the program select the open map or atlas command.
The open map command allows separate access to map regions whereas the atlas mode provides access to the whole country or even multiple countries in one step.

Navitel maps also in atlas mode are able to plan your route. Russa maps are not capable of doing route-planning for shortcomings in the program with the exception of version, which does it only within a single region.

Both Russa and Navitel are able to display maps in a customized way (Russa only in version This can be done by selecting appropriate skin files from within the respective folders of the programs.
You can separately set the day and night mode. The changeover between the two modes is controlled by the actual sunrise/sunset data, if automatic changeover is selected. It is also possible to set day or night mode manually.

Mapsforge maps (Oruxmaps, Locus, g:hu)

You can read more about using mapsforge maps.