Our goals

OpenMaps is a non-profit, open project with the following goals:

  • creation of digital routable maps of countries in Central-Europe for both motorcar and hiking navigation, mainly based on GPS-measured data We want our maps to include
    • all the public roads
    • every marked hiking trails
    • other roads and paths
    • "points of interest" (POI) (settlements, buildings, show-places, etc.)
    • land cover (cities, woods, lakes, rivers, etc. - based on CLC2000 database)
    • land contours (based on SRTM data)
  • sharing these maps for free
  • providing these maps in various formats. We would like to produce downloadable maps for most of the GPS handhelds, PDA softwares, etc.
  • gathering a wiki-like community for creating these maps on a multilingual web page
  • providing map materials for other non-commercial usages

We are also generating on-line maps in both raster and vector format.