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Raster map (online)

Hiking symbols, hiking routes highlight, land contours, DEM, search, route planning
Garmin map

Setup (.exe) file for BaseCamp, Mapsource programs, for uploading to GPS devices.
Mapsforge maps

For Android, iPhone, WindowsPhone, PC devices.
OsmAnd maps

OsmAnd (Android) format maps, without land contours.
The Way of Mary

Garmin format map, with Setup (exe).


Mapsforge download

The latest Mapsforge maps are available again, other types still have to wait. Thank you for your patience!

2019-09-06 10:43:06KiVi

Server error

Unfortunately, our new server has broked again, goes back to warranty repair. This takes longer time, until then the on-line map is not working.

2019-07-11 17:11:18KiVi