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Hiking symbols, hiking routes highlight, land contours, DEM, search, route planning
Garmin map

Setup (.exe) file for BaseCamp, Mapsource programs, for uploading to GPS devices.
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For Android, iPhone, WindowsPhone, PC devices.
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OsmAnd (Android) format maps, without land contours.
The Way of Mary

Garmin format map, with Setup (exe).

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Technical error

For indefinitely time we suspended the updating of the maps, due to technical problems. Thank you for your patience.

2017-01-17 21:51:57KiVi

Last Navitel version

Navitel make-up finished for the last version of the program which also supports file format nm2. (This is the format what we can generate).
This and the specialized program version are available in download page.

At the same place are now available the regular updates of the cycling map as well.

2016-11-07 08:18:24KiVi


Navitel (Android) users can download the modified final version of  this program with our tourist maps. This version will not be offered to update on the Google Play store. Default it is set to use a tourist map makeup.
To use the program still need to license purchased from the manufacturer!

2016-10-21 10:16:46KiVi

1% tax offerings

According to the tax department's information in this year HUF 230 992 offered to the Foundation by the taxpayers! This amount can then also given to the development of our services. Thank you!

2016-09-08 08:05:10KiVi

Expanding maps

The mapsforge map has land contours in all countries (new countries: Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria). As well as all the outputs contain piers now.

2016-09-03 11:15:03KiVi