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Raster map (online)

Hiking symbols, hiking routes highlighted, land contours, shading relief.
Garmin map

Setup (.exe) file for BaseCamp, Mapsource programs, for uploading to GPS devices.
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For OruxMaps, Locus Map, g:hu, Vectorial Map, Atlas applications, softwares.
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OsmAnd (Android) format maps, without land contours.
The Way of Mary

Garmin format map, with Setup (exe).

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New servers turn on

Today has been successfully installed three pieces of brand new server, they serve to go live tomorrow.

2015-11-24 13:14:21KiVi

Server reorganization

Temporarily we have to switch off the availability of archiv material.

2015-10-01 19:19:53peter68

New server

Thanks for your support on this day was set in our new i7 server. It is not yet taking part in the current service, but we are constantly setting up it and in medium term there is hope for new services, example route calculation.

2015-09-17 13:00:48KiVi

OSMAnd hiking signs

On the OSMAnd maps were put the hiking signs and color highlights, especially worthwhile to upgrade!

2015-09-08 09:03:27KiVi