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Hiking symbols, hiking routes highlighted, land contours, shading relief.
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The Way of Mary

Garmin format map, with Setup (exe).

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The maps are updated again

The fault has been repaired, so the maps are regularly updated again.

2015-07-16 12:09:41KiVi

Technical error

For indefinitely time we suspended the updating of the maps, due to technical problems. Thank you for your patience.

2015-07-12 20:56:39KiVi

Osmand again

The Osmand maps are updated again!

2015-04-24 00:15:24KiVi

The Way of Mary Garmin map

On the occasion of Easter we made a special map of The Way of Mary. You can download it in Garmin format.

2015-04-05 18:02:16KiVi

Bike highlight

From now, when you install Garmin map you can choose highlighting for bike paths as well.

2015-04-03 10:21:14KiVi